Victoria is dedicated to sharing her passions and talents with the local community of Greensboro. Victoria will be offering portfolio reviews for high school students and mentorships to youth looking to pursue a career in the arts. Any young artist interested in spending time at VCM Studio to create work, volunteer, or to have their artwork critiqued is encouraged to contact Victoria for more information. 



Study with Victoria Carlin and learn to create portraits and figurative works directly from life. Students will explore the fundamental principles of how to approach the human form. From start to finish, to problem solving. Some of the concepts include: proportions- sight drawing, dimension- color temperature, edges and values, and color-developing flesh tones. Whether one is painting a tangerine or a human face one paints the way light falls on the form. Students of all levels will be offered individual attention, class, critiques and demonstrations.



Life Drawing

Life Drawing sessions open to the public will happen throughout each month. Work in painting, sculpture, charcoal, or any medium you wish. Bring your own supplies and be sure to reserve a spot by sending a message to Victoria.